The Papua New Guinea Institute of Biological Research (PNGIBR) is a Papua New Guinea (PNG)-based not for profit association formed to ensure a biologically sustainable future for PNG.  We conduct research, train PNG biologists & conservationists , ensure information is shared with policy makers, landowners and PNG citizens, and integrate traditional knowledge & customs with modern concepts of conservation

Papua New Guinea Institute of Biological Research

PNGIBR is a not for profit organization in Papua New Guinea that conducts research and trains PNG biologists and conservationists. Our scientists share information with policy makers and the people of PNG to enable better management decisions.

As a team of highly trained PNG researchers and scientists, we are a new voice in PNG’s conservation, education and research arena that will speak equally well to international and national policy-makers, and to rural people living traditionally in PNG.  Effective and innovative solutions will come from those who can straddle the gap between modern science and our ancient cultures. We understand how to integrate traditional customs with modern conservation concepts to design models that will work in Papua New Guinea to ensure a rich national heritage for our society’s livelihood and spiritual well-being.

With great sadness...

It is with great sadness that we must announce that Paul Igag, a founding member of PNGIBR passed away on  October 29, 2010.

Paul IgagPaul was PNG's first national ornithologist.  He was one of the first scientific staff at the young Research and Conservation Foundation of PNG, then  became one of the first scientific staff at the Wildlife Conservation Society PNG Program, then became a founder of the PNG Institute of Biological Research.  Paul was a leader in PNG's movement toward greater scientific autonomy. 

Dozens of students and his coworkers affectionately called him "Uncle Paul."  Paul was indeed a cheerful and supportive uncle to many biologists and students for nearly two decades.  Science in PNG and the many colleagues and collaborators who Paul supported now face a tragic loss.

Our deepest sympathies to Paul's loved ones.  We will miss him.

Visit the online memorial to learn more and to contribute your thoughts and photos to celebrate Paul's life.

PNGIBR was founded in 2008 to carry on the training program that began in 1996 with Conservation International and continued under the Wildlife Conservation Society until 2007.  These programs trained over 300 PNG students and professionals, funding and mentoring 17 PNG Honor students, and leading to scholarships for14 PNG students to receive Masters degrees at top international universities.

Our vision is to be a leading institution made up of scientific colleagues dedicated to conserving Papua New Guinea’s flora, fauna and ecosystems to ensure a biologically sustainable future.

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