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Without funding we can do nothing. Your support is what enables us to educate our fellow citizens, conduct crucial research on PNG’s amazing and unique animals, and work for the preservation of this astonishing biodiversity. You can be an essential part and know that you have made a difference.

Phalanger Maculatus

You too can have a personal impact on preserving PNG biodiversity!

You can do this in one of several ways:

  • CREDIT CARD OR PAYPAL: To donate using a credit card from anywhere in the world, you should donate to Green Capacity and add the designation “for PNG programs” under special instructions to seller.
  • US DOLLARS: Send a cheque made out to Green Capacity in US dollars to:
    Green Capacity
    340 Love Hollow Road
    New Florence PA 15944 USA
    Please do NOT send cheques in any other currency as the bank will charge us US$30 to convert to USD.  Please note on the cheque memo “for PNG Programs”.
  • PNG KINA: You can send a cheque made out to PNGIBR in PNG Kina currency to:
    PO Box 1550
    Goroka EHP, PNG
    Please do NOT send us cheques in any other currency as the bank will charge us K50 to convert to Kina.

Green Capacity is US 501(c)(3) non-profit that shares our mission and is dedicated to aiding our work.  All contributions to Green Capacity are US tax deductible and you will receive a receipt for your tax records.

Thank You for Your Support

Thank you so much, we truly appreciate your support!  We will make sure your funds are put to very good use for maintaining the integrity of PNG’s forests and wildlife.

PNGIBR • Papua New Guinea Institute of Biological Research
PO Box 1550 • GOROKA • EHP 441 • Papua New Guinea
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The Papua New Guinea Institute of Biological Research (PNGIBR) is a PNG-based not for profit association formed to
ensure a biologically sustainable future for Papua New Guinea. 

We conduct research • Train PNG biologists & conservationists • Ensure information is shared with policy makers, landowners and PNG citizens
 • Integrate traditional knowledge & customs with modern concepts of conservation