Papua New Guinea Institute of Biological Research


PNGIBR studies Papua New Guinea’s unique flora and fauna through long-term research and international collaboration.  We share this knowledge with policy makers and citizens so they can better protect plants, animals, and the ecosystem services they provide that enable our way of life and rich cultural diversity.

Despite being among the richest nations in terms of biological diversity, Papua New Guinea is one of the poorest nations in terms of scientific knowledge of its ecology, and unique flora and fauna.  As one of the last intact major blocks of tropical rainforest, we need improved science to guide conservation and keep our nation from repeating the environmental degradation experienced by many once forested tropical nations.  We address this need by conducting ecological and biological research.

Soon we will post information about each of these on-going projects so you can learn more:  

PNGIBR Research

Critically endangered Long-beaked Echidnas

PNGIBR Research

Wildlife Nest Boxes

PNGIBR Research

Biodiversity Surveys

PNGIBR Research

Hunting Sustainability

PNGIBR Research

Wildlife cultural artifact surveys

PNGIBR Research

Mt. Gahavisuka Provincial Park

PNGIBR • Papua New Guinea Institute of Biological Research
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The Papua New Guinea Institute of Biological Research (PNGIBR) is a PNG-based not for profit association formed to
ensure a biologically sustainable future for Papua New Guinea. 

We conduct research • Train PNG biologists & conservationists • Ensure information is shared with policy makers, landowners and PNG citizens
 • Integrate traditional knowledge & customs with modern concepts of conservation